Welcome to the Oklahoma State Annual Conference Website. The Oklahoma Annual Conference consist of the Eastern and Western Districts of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. The Right Reverend Michael L. Mitchell is the Presiding Prelate.

Churches of the Eastern District- Presiding Elder Rev. Dr. Roger O. Alford

                                                                       Eastern District

Church                                                                                    Pastor

Vernon Chapel-Tulsa                                                         Rev. Dr. Robert Turner

Greater St. John-Tulsa                                                       Rev. Kevin Clayton

St. Paul -Tulsa                                                                          Rev. R. Charles Smith

Flipper Chapel-Taft                                                               Rev. Travis Doolin

Historic Ward Chapel-Muskogee                                   Rev. George Austen

Bethel-Bartlesville                                                                  Rev. W.T. Brown

Peters Chapel-Muskogee                                                    Rev. Willie Weary

CConnor Chapel-Ponca City                                                Rev. Thomas Webb

Flipper Chapel-Sapulpa                                                          Rev. Bobby Green

Bethel-Chandler                                                                         Rev. Linda Adams

Bethel-Claremore                                                                       Rev. Dennis Hampton

Cooper Chapel-Bristow                                                             Rev. Billy Counter

Ward Chapel-McAlester                                                            Rev. Albert Edwards

Boley Circuit                                                                                     Rev. Gregory Thomas
1. Ward Chapel-Boley
2.  Pleasand Hill, IXL Castle

Okmulgee/Handy Circuit                                                             Rev. Freeman Culver III
1. Handy Chapel-Beggs
2. Shorter Chapel-Okmulgee


Request for Changes or Addition to the website Contact:  ralford923@gmail.com


Request for Changes or Addition to the website Contact:  ralford923@gmail.com